Playing prattle

Prattle is a game for people who like words, parties, and inappropriate humor. Most of the cards have a single word, and are dealt to each player who in turn try to build a grammatically correct sentence (it need not make actual sense, however).

Word modifiers and action cards amp up the game by letting you alter the course and meaning of the sentence, steal cards, rearrange words, and mess up other players' strategies.

When a player can complete a sentence with a punctuation card they read the sentence out loud and collect 1 point for each card in the sentence.

The winner is the player with the most points after 10 complete sentences. This means even on the final round players with low scores could win with the right strategy and luck.


The Collector's First Edition of Prattle, with black cards and a premium textured black box will only be made for Collector's Edition Backers on our Kickstarter Funding page. If we get a minimum 100 Collector's Edition backers, never again will this design of Prattle be produced (though other colors may come to the collection).